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Medical Legal - Dr. Chehrazi

Celebrating 28 years of service

We provide the following medical legal services:

  • Independent Medical Evaluation
  • Expert Medical Record Review
  • Deposition and Trial Testimony

Dr. Chehrazi is a highly respected member of the neurosurgical community. He has had a distinguished service in academic neurosurgery for eighteen years at Yale, UCLA, and UCD, as well as over ten years of private practice. In addition, Dr. Chehrazi has extensive experience as a medical expert in medical-legal issues in neurological surgery. Please refer to his Curriculum Vitae for a detail of his accomplishments. The following is a summary of his medical-legal activities.


From January 1990 to January 2007
A 17-year survey

Expert Review (ER): 157
Deposition after ER: 15
Testimony at arbitration or trial: 5
Independent Medical Evaluation (IME): 204
Deposition after IME: 14
Testimony at arbitration or trial: 5
Treating Physician (TP): 34
Deposition as the TP: 29
Testimony at arbitration or trial: 5
Total testimony: 15

Dr. Chehrazi has served as an expert medical reviewer and expert witness for many plaintiff and defense attorneys. Over the past seventeen years Dr. Chehrazi has worked with attorneys from a number of different States* as well as throughout California. Medical-legal fee schedule for Dr. Chehrazi will be made available upon request.

* Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia.

Pearls of wisdom:

I. What to expect of the expert witness?
  Ethical guidelines for expert witness require that the expert witness is not to serve as an advocate for either side in a personal injury or a malpractice dispute. The expert reviewer is to be fair, objective, impartial, nonpartisan, and not to adopt a position of advocacy for either side. The expert is expected to assess all available information and to advise based on his knowledge, with integrity and fairness.

II. How to reduce the cost associated with expert reviewer?
  You can save your client money by organizing the medical records in a chronological order and removing the sometimes many duplicates from the record. It always takes more time which generates more expense when records are provided in multiple batches at different times.

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