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Frequently Asked Questions

Our doctors and staff hope that the following answers will address most of the common questions and concerns of our patients.


Q: How can I schedule an initial consultation?
A: SNA accepts New Patients on a fax referral basis only from a Referring Physician. Please contact your doctor and ask them to fax the following information to (916) 771-3443:
  1. Referral Form
  2. Patient Demographic information
  3. Patient Insurance Information
  4. Chart Notes
  5. Report from a current MRI (performed within 1 year)

Once this information is received in its entirety, it will be forwarded to our doctors for their review. They will review the information for medical necessity and appropriateness. Our office staff will contact you once this process is completed to schedule an appointment.

Q: Do you accept my insurance?
A: Please check the Insurance page.
Q: What are the credentials of my MD?
Please select your doctor: Dr. Chehrazi, Dr. Shahi, Dr. Wagner and Dr. Aliabadi
Q: What is FACS?
A: Fellow, American College of Surgeons
Q: How long will it take to schedule my diagnostic tests? (MRI, CT, consults, anything other than surgery)
A: If your doctor has ordered a diagnostic test for you, the Clinical Coordinator assigned to you will work to obtain authorization for this procedure from your insurance company and then schedule the appointment for you. Please be advised that obtaining authorization can take up to 2 weeks or longer depending on your insurance company. We understand that you may be anxious to undergo these tests/procedures as soon as possible, but we must obtain authorization from your insurance company prior to calling to schedule the requested tests/procedures. Even if your insurance does not require prior authorization, we process these test requests in the order they are received unless otherwise directed by the doctor.
Q: I am out of my medication. How can I get this prescription refilled?
A: When you have run out of your medication and need to have it refilled, we request that you contact your pharmacy directly. The pharmacy will contact our office by fax to request authorization to refill your medication. Due to the nature of this practice and our doctor's busy schedules, we ask that you allow 72 hours for your medication to be authorized and filled.
Q: How can I get my disability paperwork filled out?
A: Our office is happy to assist you in filling out your disability paperwork. Please mail or deliver the paperwork to our office along with a $20.00 form completion fee. We process this paperwork in the order it is received and therefore request that you allow 1 week for the completion of any paperwork or forms.
Q: Can I take my cervical collar off while I sleep?
A: Yes, you may sleep without your cervical collar unless otherwise instructed by your physician.


Q: When will I be able to drive?
A: Do not drive until cleared by your doctor to do so and never drive while under the influence of narcotic pain medications.
Q: How long until I can shower?

For back surgery patients:

Keep the wound clean and dry for 4 days after surgery. You may shower on the 5th day (avoid baths or hot tub for 6 weeks). Do not shower if you have oozing from the incision. Excessive oozing, causing a soaked dressing, needs to be brought to our attention, otherwise change the dressing if it is stained. If Dermabond glue dressing is used you may shower the 2nd day after surgery.

For brain surgery patients:

Do not shower until the 5th day after surgery. Do not use hair dyes or chemicals for 6 weeks.